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Our fast and affordable services can provide solutions for a wide range of concrete repair needs!

Our Foam

Void Fills

Protect your investment in your home before it's too late! If there is a void beneath your front porch, sidewalk, or driveway, it is only a matter of time before the concrete will break loose and begin sinking. We can fill these voids with our polyurethane material to give the slab the support it needs to stay in place. A great preventative action to ensure you will not have to replace or raise concrete in the future.

Concrete Leveling

Don’t waste money on completely replacing your concrete. D&L Polyjack can help you repair your concrete issues faster than traditional mudjacking. Concrete repair can save you time and money if addressed before a replacement is needed. If you have cracks, sloping, or uneven heights showing in your concrete, invest in polyjacking to give you the most efficient and cost-effective solution.


Polyjacking refers to the innovative process of injecting polyurethane foam beneath a concrete slab to fix uneven joints or cracking. Polyjacking is a quick, efficient, and water-resistant way to repair your concrete. Used extensively by Departments of Transportation for more than 3 decades, polyurethane concrete leveling has been tried and tested under the toughest conditions. Unlike mudjacking, when polyurethane is injected, it expands underneath the surface of the concrete, permeating all voids to create desired support. Polyurethane is lightweight and will not lose density over time, yet boasts extreme lifting capabilities. It has a significantly faster cure time than mudjacking.

Beneath The Slab


Client Comments

David N - Wentzville, MO

Underneath my front porch had completely washed out over the last couple of years. I was concerned that I would have to replace the entire porch in another year or two. The foam product they used expanded beneath my porch to fill every nook and cranny and now it is fully supported. Great preventative action for saving my future self some $$.!

Laura G - Wentzville, MO

The on site estimate is a quick and informative process. They were able to get me on their schedule quickly after the estimate. Glad to have my driveway back!

Gary J - Wright City, MO

D&L Did a great job!!! Raised a concrete slab and sidewalk that I had been staring for at for years. Very happy with the results.

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